Russich Pattaya | Motorbikes & Cars rent

In this section you will find out all the conditions of car rent in our company. We perform services of the highest level. Become our client and make sure of it! Our loyal customers get extra discounts and bonuses.

To rent an auto it is necessary to have a valid driving license of the relevant category and travel document (you submit all the documents and we do their copies in the office).

Demands to the auto renter:

Include: vehicle rental cost, insurance, child safety seat and GPS navigator if the vehicle is rented for the period more than seven days.

Do not include: fuel cost, penalties, additional service and other.

You will find rental cost in PRICE section. Special conditions are available for corporative clients and for long rent contracts.

Minimum term of a car rent is three days!

Car rent cost is specified for the period of one day (24 hours).

In the case of return delay:

-2-3 hours delay – additional cost payment of ½ day;

- delay more than three hours – additional payment of a day cost.

If the rent terms specified in the contract were changed, it is necessary to inform the owner forehand.

If you return the vehicle earlier of the agreed term, rental payment for unused days is not given back.

Monthly rental cost is mentioned at the rate of 30 days.

The rent is paid advance when getting a car.

The кenter makes insurance deposit which size depends on the chosen vehicle model.

Insurance deposit for economy class cars is 5000 THB and 7000 THB for cars of enhanced comfort.

Insurance deposit for a motorbike is from 2000 till 3000 THB depending on a model.

The insurance deposit is made when the contract is signed and is given back to you if the contract terms and conditions were executed, when the vehicle is returned to the owner.

Rental cost is paid by cash.

All the vehicles are insured under conditions of compulsory (CTPL) and voluntary liability insurance (1-st Class Insurance) for rented cars.

Insurance is included in the car rental cost.

The renter repair a damage within franchising (deposit) if a road accident happened due to his fault or when an offender is not identified*.

If the road accident happened due to the third person’s fault, the deposit (franchise) is given back completely.

If additional option Super CDW was bought, the renter is free from payment on franchise in the case of a road accident.

Additional option costs 210 bats a day, but no more than 3150 bats a month.

Insurance includes:

*The renter’s liability in the case of car damage or theft is limited by the unconditional franchise size. If the insurance conditions and terms were breached, the renter is financially reliable for damage done to the Company, including full cost of repair and spare parts, and third parties’ pretensions compensation.

Filling a vehicle with fuel

Rented vehicle must be returned with the same fuel quantity it was given to the renter. Otherwise, calculation will be executed at the Company’s rates.

Mileage restrictions

If the vehicle is rented for the period less than seven days then mileage limit is 220 km/day. Additional kilometers cost is paid at the rate 1 bat/km.

Motorbikes have no mileage restrictions.

Renter has no right:

Smoking in a car

Smoking in our cars is forbidden! Penalty for smoking in the car is 3500 THB (price of a full chemical cleaning of the car interior). If damaged coverage (leather/cloth) is found when the car is returned, the penalty can be increased.

Attention! Dipping a car in sea water as well as washing the car with sea water is FORBIDDEN! If there will be found evidence of sea water influence (tarnishing) when the vehicle is returned, you will need to pay price of damaged parts changing.

In the case of road accident or mechanical defect, please inform the rental company’s representative about it. The rental company must authorize the car repair or changing. If you are in a road accident, you must inform the rental company representative about it. Please, keep copies of all the documents which must be filled up by you during the road accident.

Car delivery

Cars are delivered since 10.30 till 16.00.

Car delivery on Pattaya territory is free if it is rented for seven days and more.

Upon rent for the period from three to six days delivery price in Pattaya is 200 THB one way.

Upon delivery out of Pattaya territory, please specify the service price by manager. Delivery to Suvarnabkhumi Airport (Bangkok) is 1500 bats one way.

In other cases the car is delivered by prior arrangement.

Child Safety Seat and GPS navigation

We offer a child safety seat and GPS navigator (in English) for additional payment 100 THB a day if a car is rent for the period till seven days and free if a car is rent for the period more than seven days (child safety seat is supplied by prior arrangement).

We reserve right to refuse the clients who according to our opinion can be sources of enhanced danger.